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projects with high value,
combining innovation and technology.

Strong ideas

Each project come from strong idea, a persistent intuition
and desire to engage in actions and philosophy that resembles us.
These are the foundations that make them sustainable.

The various skills

Each project is developed in the expert skills
of many people. The challenge is to surround yourself
with powerful and proactive partners.

Some projects we support.

With the participation of colleges, foundations and innovative companies.

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Astrale 3D

n collaboration with the Laboratory of Mathematics Applied to Systems (MAS) of the Ecole Centrale de Paris,
Inolam® participates in the development of a global 3D virtual museum.

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Life Explorer

In collaboration with the Foundation Fourmentin Guilbert,
Inolam® participates in the development of a 3D visualization tool
for rebuilding a bacterium Escherichia coli on different scales.

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In collaboration with the company Numerilis SAS
Inolam® involved in the development of a modular software package
designed to manage and automate the exchange of bank clearing operations.